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Community Bulk Trash Cleanup Day on April 10

Date posted: 3/22/2021

It’s time for the Block House Community Bulk Trash Cleanup Day 

It’s time to get those bulky items that are taking up space in your garage cleaned out!! Deputies will be on hand to check IDs and water bills so pile it up and bring it on over to Jumano Park (3101 Black Kettle Dr.) on:  

April 10, 2021  
9 a.m. – 2 p.m.  
(or until dumpsters are full)    

Items Allowed: sofas, stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, dryers, A/C units, sinks, toilets, furniture, and other waste materials (certified where applicable as Freon-free) 

Items Prohibited: any hazardous items, chemical compounds, mixtures, or substances - no paints, motor oils, gasoline, mattresses, box springs or tires, no construction debris and no appliances containing Freon (Please note: No commercial contractors are allowed) 

What YOU Need to Bring: 

Please bring your picture ID along with a recent copy of your water utility bill from Crossroads Utilities. 

If TDS will not accept your waste, there are other options available:  

  • Williamson County Recycle Center accepts household waste including hazardous chemicals. The County also hosts a twice-a-year Household Hazardous Waste Collection for residents of Williamson County at a designated location in the county, please visit the County’s website for more information about this event. 
  • Curbside pickup of bulky waste may be scheduled up to three (3) times per year by contacting TDS at 512-421-1340 and requesting this pickup service. 

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