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Vandalism at Bike Trail

Date posted: 4/29/2020

Over the weekend, the bike trail was vandalized. A resident volunteer had spent countless hours over the last few weeks repairing and rebuilding the bike trail so that the trail would be in good condition to be enjoyed by residents when the District is able to reopen park amenities. This vandalism has undone much of the volunteer’s hard work, setting the project behind schedule.

As a result, a construction fence will be placed around the bike trail to keep unauthorized persons out of the area so maintenance can be performed while the amenity is closed. Please notify WCSO immediately if you see anyone tampering with the construction fence or groups congregating in the area, particularly after dark. 

Let’s make sure the volunteer’s efforts are not disrupted in this way again and show our appreciation for all the hard work to keep Block House Creek a beautiful and enjoyable place to live!

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