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While You're Staying Home and Staying Safe How About Buffing Up Block House?

Date posted: 4/21/2020


Spring is here! Time for the flowers to come back into bloom, the birds to resume their singing, and residents to start revisiting that never-ending to-do list around the home. With the current ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ order and so many residents spending more time at home right now, it’s not surprising that we are already seeing an increase in the number of home improvement projects underway in Block House.

In addition to interior spring cleaning and reorganizing, it’s important to remember that the exterior of your home and property may also need some TLC. Your porch, patio, garage, shed, and yard could likely use some loving attention as you prepare them for their seasonal debut and the time of year that they can expect the most use. Here is a checklist for some suggested exterior maintenance projects to tackle while you’re housebound:

As you clear away all that winter clutter and debris, don’t forget that curbside bulky item pickup and recycling are available to Block House residents! This is a perfect way to get rid of those piles of dead leaves, tree limbs that you've trimmed back, and excess items from your garage. Curbside pickup can be scheduled up to six times per year at no additional cost. To schedule your curbside pickup, contact TDS at 512-421-1340, and they will give you a pickup date (the first available Saturday). Please note that you may not place bulky waste items at the curb for pickup prior to the scheduled collection date. More information regarding this service can be found  on page 2 of the Oct/Nov 2018 MUD newsletter, or in this MUD news item from July 2018. For hazardous waste materials (such as paint, household cleaners, etc), please dispose of these items properly and in accordance with Williamson County requirements.

As homeowners begin to "Buff Up Block House," please remember that ACC approval is required for any and all changes made to the exterior of your home. All properties within Block House Creek are subject to deed restrictions, and though the restrictions may vary slightly from section to section, the restrictive covenants for all of Block House require property owners to obtain prior written ACC approval for exterior changes, including but not limited to, landscape changes (including removal of existing landscape), changes to paint color, changes to shingles, and changes to location or type of fences.

It is important to submit your request for review and approval BEFORE beginning a project or making any financial commitments. We do not want homeowners to risk making changes or purchasing materials or structures that are in conflict with the deed restrictions and may have to be removed or altered. Please allow 30 days between the time of your submission and your intended start date to ensure that the Committee can fully process your request and address any questions or requests for additional information. Remember, your request is not approved until you receive written approval, which in most cases will be provided via email, so please include a good email address on your approval request form!

There are two separate and distinct Architectural Committees in Block House, depending on which part of the District you live in. If you have questions as to which Committee to submit your request to, or how to obtain the correct request form for your Committee, please visit and use the 'Residents' link to locate the covenants and ACC request form for your section of Block House. (HINT: enter the complete numeric portion of your property address, but only the first few letters of your street name.) You may also download a copy of your deed restrictions at using the “Covenants” link at the top of the page. Information regarding required documentation and how to submit the form is provided on the ACC form.

There are no residential properties in Block House Creek that are exempt from deed restrictions. Save yourself a headache and submit your request for approval – then have fun with your projects as we all work to keep Block House beautiful!


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