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Energy Conservation Tips from Girl Scout Troop 1804

Date posted: 9/30/2019

4th Grade Girl Scout Troop 1804 has been researching energy and energy conservation. We would like to give a special thank you to Christy Uzer from Cool Atmosphere Heating and Air for visiting our troop and teaching us how to have a more energy efficient home. Do you ever look at your electricity bill and think “Wow, this is expensive!”?  Here are some tips from your local Girl Scouts about how to save energy and lower your bill.
  • Don’t keep your AC set too cold. –Paige
  • AC can only cool your house to be 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature, so have realistic expectations. –Audrey
  • In a two story house, don’t make each floor really different temperatures. –Audrey
  • Keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible. –Audrey
  • Check the seals around your doors and windows. – Ms. Amanda
  • Use solar panels – Samantha
  • Don’t leave your refrigerator door open. Open and close the door quicky. –Ellaina
  • Don’t leave all of your electronic devices plugged in all the time. –Delilah
  • Change your air filters regularly. –Ms. Amanda
  • Don’t leave all the lights on when you’re not using them. - Savanna
  • Keep a full freezer because it uses less energy. –Olivia
  • Your dishwasher actually uses less water than washing by hand. –Ms. Amanda
  • Keep windows covered in summer and winter. –Samantha
  • Use fans to keep cool. –Delilah
  • If you invite 10 people to your house, lower your AC by two degrees to stay comfortable. –Paige
  • AC uses the most energy in your house. Use it wisely! –Olivia
  • Newer AC systems have a higher SEER rating and use less energy. -Ms. Amber

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