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Tonkawa Park Vandalism

Date posted: 8/7/2019

** $500 REWARD ******* $500 REWARD ******* $500 REWARD ******* $500 REWARD ******* $500 REWARD **

Block House Municipal Utility District is seeking information about the person or persons responsible for vandalizing multiple areas in Tonkawa Park with spray paint. The vandalism occurred between Monday night, August 5 and Tuesday morning, August 6, and caused expensive damages.

Damage to District property is a crime. The District will pay $500 for information information leading to the arrest or conviction of anyone vandalizing the District's property.  Persons causing damage to District property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  To report such activity, please call the Williamson County Sheriff’s office at (512) 864-8282, option 1, option 1.  For emergency calls only, dial 911. The identity of those providing information will remain confidential. All residents are encouraged to remain vigilant in protecting our shared resources.

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