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Protect Yourself and Your Neighbors By Checking Your Mail

Date posted: 4/15/2019

No one wants to be a victim of mail theft. Sadly, it's not always avoidable, but one of the most effective things you can do to help avoid theft is to check your mail every day. Do not allow mail to sit in the box overnight or accumulate over multiple days, even if you are out of town. The post office will hold mail for you if you won't be able to retrieve if for a period of time (set this up here). If you have the option, switch to paperless billing statements and payments to avoid sending sensitive, personal information through the mail. Try to find out what time your mail is typically delivered. Empty mailboxes are a deterrent for thieves. 

Unfortunately, sometimes vandals do strike our mailboxes. The best thing to do when you discover a vandalized cluster mailbox is to immediately file a report with the police. If you were expecting anything important in the mail, contact the sender. We each have a responsibility to help protect our community.

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