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Important Traffic Reminders for Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists

Date posted: 10/31/2017

Did you know that pedestrians walking or running on Texas streets must use a sidewalk if there is one provided and accessible, and NOT the street? It’s the law! As stated in chapter 552 of the Texas Transportation Code:

(a)  A pedestrian may not walk along and on a roadway if an adjacent sidewalk is provided and is accessible to the pedestrian.

(b)  If a sidewalk is not provided, a pedestrian walking along and on a highway shall if possible walk on:

(1)  the left side of the roadway; or

(2)  the shoulder of the highway facing oncoming traffic.

If you are riding a bicycle, you must ride WITH the flow of traffic (on the same side). If you are moving slower than the other traffic on the roadway, you must ride as near as practicable to the right curb or edge of the roadway. 

Also, when turning right onto 183A from Scottsdale Drive (leaving Block House Creek), you must come to a complete stop when the light is red. Be aware of the crosswalk, and use the dedicated lanes for right turns.

Thanks to Dewayne Buratti

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