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Reporting Suspicious Activity

Date posted: 10/17/2016

Austin-area home invasions have been in the news lately, making this a good time to refresh your family’s safety and security practices.

If you spot suspicious persons in the District at any time, please report them to Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at their non-emergency line: (512) 864-8282. If you believe a crime is in progress, call 911 immediately.

Some tips to improve your home’s safety and lower the appeal to would-be thieves:
  • Install solid core doors with heavy duty locks.
  • Lock all windows and doors at all times.
  • Use a peephole or window to check to see who is outside before answering your door. If you don’t know them and weren’t expecting them, don’t open it.
  • Turn on your exterior lights after dark.
  • Never rely on a chain latch as a barrier to partially open your door.
  • Alert your neighbors to suspicious solicitors in the area. Social media is an excellent tool for this.
  • Discuss your family’s safety rules with your children and babysitters.

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