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About Block House MUD

What is a MUD?

A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas authorized by the Texas Water Code to provide services within its boundaries. Services can include water, garbage and recycling pickup, deed restriction enforcement, operation of pools and parks, recreational opportunities. A tax assessment funds these services to maintain high quality services.

MUDs have greater flexibility than a city because residents have a more narrowly defined sense of neighborhood and more interest in their community. MUD board members are residents and are elected to four year terms.

Block House MUD

BHC Entrance
The entrance to Block House Creek.
The Block House MUD consists of 2,188 properties in the Block House subdivision. The entire MUD is within the Cedar Park extra-territorial jurisdiction. The best way to get a feel for this lovely community of families is to drive through the neighborhood and get a first-hand appreciation for the beautiful setting, the fantastic amenities, and see the families enjoying life in this wonderful community.

As a second choice, you can browse this site where we have tried to provide an overview of life in Block House, as well as lots of detailed information for the residents. Be sure and check out:

If you're interested in the legal basis of the Block House MUD, you can look at:

The historical marker showing the site of a block house built in 1835 by the Texas Rangers.

In Block House Creek, 1,228 of the homes are in the BHC Owners Association, which has authority for enforcement of its own set of deed restrictions and architectural control standards. They also provide a number of community events and services.

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