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Walker House Use

Message from the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors hope that you enjoy the Walker House. Please use it in a safe and considerate manner. If you have any questions, or if the facilities need attention, please call the Walker House On-Site Representative: 512 259 0959, email.

Walker House policies are stated in the Walker House Rules Document. The information below is a summary, but please refer to the document for the complete rules.

Access Policy

District residents with Recreational Photo IDs and age 21 or over may reserve the Walker House for private gatherings on a first-come, first-served basis. The resident making the reservation must remain at the Walker House during the entire time of the reservation period. No “standing reservation” is permitted. Reservations will not be accepted for dates between Thanksgiving Day and New Years’ Day without the prior approval of the Board.

The District’s General Manager will maintain a reservation calendar for the Walker House and issue written reservation confirmations.

Please note that office and board room areas are not available for event use (see Walker House Floor Plan).


Each reservation request must be accompanied by a Facilities Reservation Form, an hourly use fee for three hours (additional time over three hours will incur additional hourly charges), and a refundable deposit, which may be retained by the District to cover any additional cleaning costs incurred, damage suffered, or for a violation of the rules. If alcohol will be served or consumed on the premises, there will be an additional hourly user fee to cover the cost of staffing by the District’s security contractor. Set-up and clean-up activities must occur within the hours reserved. A reservation will not be confirmed until the use fee and deposit are received. No deposit will be returned until the District’s General Manager verifies that the Walker House is in the same condition as it was before the rental. Any costs for cleaning and damages over the amount of the deposit will be the responsibility of the resident making the reservation. An individual who leaves the facilities in unsatisfactory condition, damages the facilities or violates these rules may forfeit all or a portion of the deposit and, at the Board’s discretion, may be barred from further use of the Walker House. A signed Walker House Checklist must be completed and returned in order for a deposit to be returned. In the event of cancellation, the full deposit will be refunded if notice of cancellation is received at least 31 days prior to the event. $100 of the deposit will be forfeited for any notice of cancellation received within 30 days or less of the event.

Rules and Regulations

  • The maximum occupancy is 60 persons.
  • No commercial activity or use without prior Board approval.
  • No reservations may be made for holidays.
  • No tape, staples, pins, tacks or nails are to be put on or into ceiling or walls.
  • No piñatas or confetti in the Walker House or on the surrounding grounds.
  • No candles.
  • No cooking.
  • No open flames.
  • No furniture may be moved other than the table and four chairs in the “Main Room” (see diagram attached). Additional tables and chairs may be brought in and set up in the “Terrace Room” only.
  • All private parties must end and all participants depart the facility by 11:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and by 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  • All rules and regulations for the Parks must be followed.
  • No bicycles, skateboards or skates.
  • No pets at the Walker House.
  • No destructive activities.
  • No disorderly, dangerous or offensive conduct.
  • No profanity.
  • No illegal or controlled substances.
  • No smoking.
  • No motor-driven vehicles or equipment are permitted in any grassy or unpaved area. Vehicles are permitted to park within parking lots only. Parking lots are for park patron use only. No overnight parking of vehicles. Violators may be towed at the expense of the violator.
  • No signs or advertising may be attached to or placed on District property.
  • No amplified or live music that (i) creates vibrations apparent by direct means, such as touch or visual observation of moving objects, to a person of normal sensitivities beyond the boundaries of the Walker House or (ii) that is audible outside the boundaries of the Walker House will be permitted without Board approval. No music that promotes violence or illegal or abusive behavior. No amplified music in a vehicle that is audible or causes a vibration 30 feet from the vehicle.
  • If alcoholic beverages are served, the host of the party will be required to hire the District’s security contractor to staff the party at an additional charge equal to the hourly rate charged under the District’s contract with the contractor. Time will be charged from the time any alcohol is brought onto the premises until the event has ended and all alcohol has been removed from the premises.
  • Trash must be collected and disposed of in the receptacles provided. If the receptacles are full, put all debris in plastic garbage bags, tie the bags securely, and place them next to the trash bins.
  • Damage to District property is a crime. To discourage such activity, the District has increased security patrols. The District will pay $500 to anyone providing information that leads to the apprehension and conviction of persons causing damage to District property. Persons causing damage to District property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. To report such activity, please call the Williamson County Sheriff’s office at 943-1389. For emergency calls only dial 911.

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