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Pool FAQ's

What kind of sun-block can we use at the pool?

All sun-block is approved for the pool. Sun tan oils, cocoa butter and baby oil are not allowed.

How old do you have to be to come to the pool by yourself?

The minimum age to enter the pool by yourself is 13 years old. There is one exception to that rule: children under 13 but at least aged 10 may enter the pool alone if they have passed a swim test.

How do I get a resident ID so I may enter the pool?

Resident ID tags will be issued at Tumlinson Pool by the lifeguard staff during pool hours (Pool Schedule of Operations) and at the Walker House during office hours (Service Providers and Other Links)

How many visitors or guests am I allowed to bring?

Each household may have up to five (5) guests per day. Guests will be required to execute an Application and Release. If the guest is under the age of 18, the Application and Release must be signed by their parent or legal guardian.

How do I reserve the pool for a pool party?

To reserve a party, complete a Pool Reservation Form  and review the Full Pool Rules Document for all pool rules, including the rules associated with pool rental. Guests who are not holders of a current pool tag must complete a Release of Liability Form.

Why do we have to have a ten-minute break every hour?

During this ten-minute break lifeguards will check the area for hazards, make sure the chemicals are at the proper levels, and stretch to prevent fatigue so we may provide the ultimate protection while you and your family are at the pool. It is also a good time for the little ones to get out and use the proper restroom facilities.

Are we allowed to bring inflatable toys, goggles, and diving rings?

Yes, all these things are allowed at the pool. If the pool gets crowded the lifeguard may ask that the items be removed if they restrict visibility or create a hazard.

Are we allowed to wear street clothes in the pool?

No, street clothes are not permitted. A swimming suit and a t-shirt for sun protection are allowed.

Can we bring food to the pool area?

Food and drinks are allowed in designated areas only.

How often are the chemicals checked?

Chemicals are checked every hour during the ten-minute safety break.

When are chemicals added to the pool?

Chemicals are constantly added to the pool through automated feeders. If the chemical check during safety break indicates insufficient levels, then chemicals may be added at that time. This may cause the break to last an additional 10 minutes.

What would cause the pool to close outside of normal operating hours?

As a precautionary measure the pool will close indefinitely when lightning or thunder is present and will remain closed 30 minutes past the last sighting of lightning or sound of thunder in accordance with the National Lightning Safety Institute recommendations.

If the pool becomes contaminated with vomit, fecal matter, or any other hazard, then the pool will be closed for at least one hour, depending on the severity of the contamination, while the lifeguards clean up the contamination and raise the chlorine levels to rid the pool of any bio-hazard.

If the pool is closed, signs will be posted and the answering machine at the pool will reflect when, why, and how long.

How many lifeguards are on duty each hour?

Apache normally runs on a two lifeguard shift and Tumlinson normally runs on a five lifeguard shift. The guard demand is based on pool usage and may fluctuate based on the bather load.

Can a babysitter bring my children into the pool under my pool pass?

A babysitter who is not a resident may bring a child to the pool. The child must be a resident and an approved Designation of Babysitter Form must be on file at the pool. The babysitter must also bring a Resident ID belonging to the family for which he is babysitting. The babysitter will pay a guest fee each time she visits the pool.

How often are the pools vacuumed?

The pools are vacuumed twice a week during off season hours and three times a week during summer hours. After significant weather or contamination events, the pool is vacuumed as well.

If I have a problem with a staff member, whom do I call?

First of all, check with the on-site pool manager.  He/she should be able to resolve the issue most quickly.  The next step would be to contact the Board.

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